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Unvoiced Boomer Issues

Unvoiced Boomer Issues

There are two unvoiced boomer issues that need discussion.  One issue affects all boomers, and the other is unique to single baby boomers.   Both issues are top of mind for Kris, who is a 65+ year old, single woman.  Kris is independent, very active and in a decent place financially. She pointed out two unvoiced boomer issues that she is currently dealing with:

  Issue #1 – Affordable Housing

Finding affordable middle income housing.  She would like to downsize from her current three bedroom    home to something smaller.  It’s getting more difficult to keep up with the house maintenance the older she gets.  Getting reliable help at a price she can afford has been challenging.  As a result, she is looking at selling her home and moving into a smaller, more maintenance free home.  Kris has been looking at town house options, senior condos, and retirement communities.  What she has found has been discouraging.

Developers have been focused on building high end options, looking to cash in on the much talked about baby boomer wealth.  They have basically ignored building communities that are affordable for boomers with a mid-level fixed income. What these developers did not realize is that there are far more average baby boomers that need affordable housing than there are wealthy boomers.  This oversight is becoming a huge issue for many boomers that want to downsize.  Right now they have two alternatives, high end or low income housing.  Neither one is the right answer for Kris or others like her.

Issue #2 – Single Baby Boomer Issues

Single baby boomers, especially those with no immediate family, are faced with figuring out how to deal with looming aging issues.  Who do they turn to if they have a health issue?  Kris is losing her eyesight.  It is a slow progression, but it has become difficult for her to manage some aspects of her life.  At some point she may not be able to drive.  Can she depend on friends to help out?  Can she afford to pay for all the services she may need?   Then there are finances.  If you become unable to manage your money, whom can you trust to help you? Even boomers with children can experience these same trust issues.

Kris has taken a proactive approach in making sure she has her affairs in order.  She has spelled out what she can in her will, including how she wants to be buried.  The more difficult part finding a person you can trust your money with and one who will honor any end of life health decisions.  It would be smart to create a legal document that spells out how you want things handled. This legal document is referred to in various terms, such as “living will”, health care directive, and advance directive.  The document names all refer to the legal document that describes your wishes regarding life prolonging medical procedures.


I am writing about this today to raise awareness around these two unvoiced boomer issues.  There are no ready answers for either situation.  Boomers need to voice their concern and start dialogues with community leaders and developers to encourage more affordable housing options.  Single baby boomers need to be proactive and begin planning in anticipation of health issues.  Again, raising awareness and beginning discussions can result in creative solutions.

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