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Top 8 Reasons Baby Boomers Can Help Small Businesses

Top 8 Reasons Baby Boomers Can Help Small BusinessesHere are the top 8 reasons baby boomers can help small businesses.  Small businesses have challenges that are different than that of larger companies.  One of the bigger challenges is having to accomplish a lot with very few resources.  I have a solution I’d like you to consider:  hire or contract for work with a baby boomer.  Baby boomers are re-inventing life after 50.  They are bright, vital, enthusiastic and eager to work well into their later years.  I know this first hand, because I am a baby boomer AND a small business owner.  I left the corporate world with glee several years ago, and started a business of my own.  Because of some of the treatment I received in the workplace, I vowed that I would use baby boomer resources wherever I could to build my own business.  It has been the best decision I ever made.

Top 8 reasons baby boomers can help small businesses:

  1. Experience – Boomers have expertise in many areas that small businesses would find useful.
  2. Work Ethic – Baby boomers are very reliable, work hard and provide an example to younger workers.
  3. Attitude – They have a “can do” attitude that is invaluable for small business.
  4. Integrity – Boomers come with a high level of integrity.  Small businesses need help they can trust.
  5. Communication Skills – Boomers actually know how to write and speak well.  This is vital for any small business.
  6. Discipline – Small businesses benefit from focused workers who understand what discipline means.
  7. Enthusiasm – Boomers are glad to be working.  They give the workplace a positive vibe.
  8. Determination – Boomers did not grow up with everything given to them.  They know hard work is part of getting the job done well.

Let’s also address the compensation issue.  Common belief is that baby boomers are “expensive”.  This may be true in some cases, but not most.  Many boomers are contracting their services/talents out for hire, and I have found them to be extremely reasonable, flexible and helpful.  Some boomers just want to learn new skills, and make some extra money.  They are more than willing to work at reasonable salaries for small businesses willing to give them a chance.  I have been truly amazed at my experience.  I hope you carefully consider the top 8 Reasons Baby Boomers can help small businesses, and give boomers a try the next time you need assistance. 

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