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Lengthen Lifespan Reap Rewards

Lengthen Lifespan Reap Rewards Lengthen lifespan reap rewards is the real life story of Betty and Harold.  I cannot think of a better way to  start 2015 than to share how this wonderful couple has embraced life, and extended their lifespans in the  process.   Harold is 85 and Betty is 84.  They have been married for 65+ years and have experienced  many ups and downs.  Their love for each other is joyous to see, and their dedication to living as long as  possible is downright inspirational.  So let’s take a peek at how Betty and Harold have managed to  become shining stars in the quest of lengthen lifespan reap rewards.

 Lengthen Lifespan Reap Rewards

I first met Betty and Harold in a walking group I joined when I first moved to Colorado.  They were the walk leaders, and I remember feeling slightly embarrassed that this couple was more active than I was!  Their enthusiasm for welcoming new walkers to the group was so charming that I immediately felt like I had known them forever.  This alone made me want to become a group regular.  Without even trying, they had drawn me into becoming more active.  They were the living embodiment of lengthen lifespan reap rewards.  Without a doubt, the more active you are the longer your lifespan will be.

Betty’s motto is “walk on”.  After four bouts with cancer, this is her daily mantra.  Nine years ago she and Harold became vegans.  Betty was frustrated with doctors telling her there was nothing she could personally do to prevent the cancer from coming back.  Since she was feeling so lousy, she decided to change her diet.  She has felt substantially better since becoming a vegan and Harold has also adopted this lifestyle change.  I am not trying to tout veganism here.  I am simply trying to show people that it is important to take responsibility for their own health.  In this case, rather than depending on doctors, Betty took responsibility for herself.  She worked to find a solution that would help her health and wellness.  Betty and Harold’s greatest desire is to spend as much time as possible with their children, grandchildren, friends and each other.  They know that it takes personal health responsibility to make that happen.

Harold and Betty lead active lives.  For their 50th wedding anniversary they bicycled from Germany to Austria. For their 65th anniversary, the couple biked through Provence, France.  While they no longer bicycle due to Betty’s balance issues, they fill their time with other activities.  Betty and Harold walk at least five days a week at five miles per walk.  Harold will tell you that Betty drags him into all of these activities, but you can tell he enjoys them as much as Betty.  With their goal in mind of living as long as possible, Betty and Harold take responsibility for making it happen.  They are shining examples of lengthen lifespan reap rewards.

We are all capable of extending our own lifespans.  Far too many of us do nothing to help ourselves.  The determined ones, like Betty and Harold, are already achieving the goal of lengthen lifespan reap rewards. 

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