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Building Muscle and Fitness Over 50

Essential Fitness Components As We Age

runner-cardio fitness
CARDIO–Cardiovascular Fitness–Cardio is essentially any exercise that gets your heart beating faster and your breathing rate up to build muscle. It is important for maintaining and improving heart muscle and fitness. Secondary benefits of cardiovascular activity  often includes strengthening, weight loss and improved flexibility. The easiest form of this is walking.
STRENGTH TRAINING–Strength training builds muscle and fitness: the stronger you are, the more muscles you’ll have. Strength training also burns fat by burning calories and keeping your metabolic rate high. But most of all, strength training increases endurance, bone density & testosterone levels and builds muscle. Strength training strengthens your joints, lowers cholesterol & improves your sleep.
Strength training building muscle
strong core exercise
CORE–Having a strong core is essential to all activities of daily living, from getting out of bed, to emptying a dishwasher to picking up objects off the floor. The “core” is defined as the area from the shoulder girdle to the pelvic girdle, including the abdominals and back muscles.
FLEXIBILITLY–As we age, we naturally lose flexibility or elasticity in our tissues. It is important to maintain flexibility, muscle and fitness in all our muscles to optimize their function. The hamstring muscles are three very large muscles in the back of the leg and are often tight.
maintain flexibility, muscle and fitness
balance exercises
BALANCE–Our reaction times naturally decrease as we get older and thus balance becomes an important components as we age. Including balance exercises in your daily routine will help avoid nasty falls.

In short, a key to staying young and slowing down the aging process is keeping physically fit and building muscle. An easy way to keep on an exercise schedule is to find an activity that you enjoy and do it regularly. This will insure that you continue to build muscle and fitness. Are you ready to get healthy?

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