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Confessions of a Recovering Baby Boomer Couch Potato

Most of my life has been comprised of stressful jobs, raising a family, and dealing with aging parents. It was easy to justify laying around and watching TV to “relax”. Eating sugary foods, drinking alcohol and having fast food also helped me deal with stress. Does this sound like you? Well folks, I’m here to tell you that the short term pleasure I experienced from all of these activities did not come close to the long term damage I did to my body and mind.

My body finally gave me the ultimatum I needed to “get healthy”. It turned on me like an enraged bull. I became afflicted with all kinds of health issues, some of which I will highlight in upcoming blogs. After doing much research and discussions with doctors, I finally came to the conclusion that I could no longer blame getting older, bad genes, etc. The truth became clear. I was CHOOSING to shorten my own life by indulging in unhealthy habits.

I will admit it is not easy to change old habits. I have struggled on certain days and fallen off the wagon (i.e. getting a chocolate shake at a fast food joint). However, I have made significant strides in having healthy foods in the house and making sure I actually eat them. I am starting to work out, and now have motivation to make it a regular event. I don’t want to be frail and dependent. I want to be enjoy my family and friends as long as I can. What about the rest of you baby boomers?

Chief Boomer Sue

Baby Boomer Exercise or be dead comic strip
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