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Top Boomer Health Challenges

Boomer Health Challenges outlines the key health issues that are plaguing baby boomers as they age. Physicians are seeing rising growth in all these categories. While some of these conditions are unavoidable, many of them can be prevented or controlled by lifestyle choices. Below are the top boomer health challenges:

Boomer Health Challenges


Obesity, [Read More >>>]

Target Heart Rate Explained

Target Heart Rate is something I never really understood. I’m sure you have seen people running or working out at the gym who constantly check their pulse or look at their wrist device. Definitely the serious fitness types. What exactly they were doing? Of course I had heard about checking your heart rate, but [Read More >>>]

Lengthen Lifespan Reap Rewards

Lengthen lifespan reap rewards is the real life story of Betty and Harold. I cannot think of a better way to start 2015 than to share how this wonderful couple has embraced life, and extended their lifespans in the process. Harold is 85 and Betty is 84. They have been married for 65+ years [Read More >>>]

The Importance of Exercise Practiced by Adults Over 50

Importance of Exercise Over 50

Importance of Exercise Over 50

The importance of exercise practiced by adults over 50 is finally beginning to be understood. As we get older and are in the middle and later years, the effects of aging become more apparent. We begin to struggle with heart disease, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and many more issues. [Read More >>>]

Balance Exercise

Try This Balance Exercise!

Balance: A simple way to improve balance is to stand on one leg for 30-60 seconds without touching any solid surface. If this is easy, repeat with your eyes closed.

*These are beginner exercises. As with any exercise program, however, we advise you consult your physician before attempting.

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