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Family Circle Changes

Family Circle Changes

I was having coffee with a friend recently, and we started talking about the bittersweet family circle changes that occur once your kids start getting married and/or having children. You begin to realize that you are no longer part of their “immediate family circle”, which is made up of your children’s [Read More >>>]

Amazing Boomer Adventure

Amazing Boomer Adventure is about two baby boomers who have chosen to embark on an incredible journey. They sold their house in North Carolina, and have started a two year trip around the globe. I met Linda and Joe when they were staying in Colorado for three months over the summer. When I heard their [Read More >>>]

Unvoiced Boomer Issues

There are two unvoiced boomer issues that need discussion. One issue affects all boomers, and the other is unique to single baby boomers. Both issues are top of mind for Kris, who is a 65+ year old, single woman. Kris is independent, very active and in a decent place financially. She pointed out two [Read More >>>]

Baby Boomer New Lives

Baby Boomer new lives are become a growing trend. Unlike our parents before us, Baby Boomers are not content to sit around and get old. As a group, we are actively reinventing our lives, pursuing new goals, and living life to the fullest. Below is one example of Baby Boomer new lives.

Three years [Read More >>>]

Top 8 Reasons Baby Boomers Can Help Small Businesses

Baby Boomers & Small business

Here are the top 8 reasons baby boomers can help small businesses. Small businesses have challenges that are different than that of larger companies. One of the bigger challenges is having to accomplish a lot with very few resources. I have a solution I’d like you to consider: hire or contract for work with a [Read More >>>]