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Top 8 Reasons Baby Boomers Can Help Small Businesses

Baby Boomers & Small business

Here are the top 8 reasons baby boomers can help small businesses. Small businesses have challenges that are different than that of larger companies. One of the bigger challenges is having to accomplish a lot with very few resources. I have a solution I’d like you to consider: hire or contract for work with a [Read More >>>]

Baby Boomers Need Personal Health Responsibility

If we want to live long and be healthy, baby boomers need personal health responsibility. I am doing this by exercising, eating better and working to be happier in my everyday life. I have also been researching different health issues related to baby boomers and participating in online forums to better understand how the [Read More >>>]

The Importance of Exercise Practiced by Adults Over 50

Importance of Exercise Over 50

Importance of Exercise Over 50

The importance of exercise practiced by adults over 50 is finally beginning to be understood. As we get older and are in the middle and later years, the effects of aging become more apparent. We begin to struggle with heart disease, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and many more issues. [Read More >>>]

Baby Boomer Lifesyle - A Real Example

Beer Tasting in Germany

Beer Tasting in Germany

I have a couple of friends who represent the new baby boomer lifestyle better than anyone I know. They live their lives non-stop, enjoying family and friends, travelling the globe, and hanging out at the beach. Their newest venture involves purchasing a catamaran and living on it part time. I’d [Read More >>>]

Sleep Apnea in Baby Boomers: Dangers of Undiagnosed

Sleep Apnea Infographic Image

I am sharing a personal story that should make folks out there pay attention to the issue of sleep apnea in baby boomers. I had snored for years, and it kept getting worse. As far as I was concerned, snoring was an irritation, but nothing I needed to be concerned about. Doctors I had seen [Read More >>>]

Confessions of a Recovering Baby Boomer Couch Potato

Most of my life has been comprised of stressful jobs, raising a family, and dealing with aging parents. It was easy to justify laying around and watching TV to “relax”. Eating sugary foods, drinking alcohol and having fast food also helped me deal with stress. Does this sound like you? Well folks, I’m here to [Read More >>>]

Checking Nutrition Labels is Not Optional

Nutrition Fact Label

Looking at Nutrition Labels is no longer an option. If you want to eat healthy, you need to look at food labels to have a better idea of what you are putting in your body. Since the information on a food nutrition label can seem confusing, we have put together a quick overview of [Read More >>>]

A Funny Thing Happened After My Son Got Married.......

My son met the love of his life and got married within a very short span of time. Within months they had gotten engaged, and then married within weeks after that. It was certainly an exciting time for everyone! They had a wonderfully small and beautiful wedding on a lake and it [Read More >>>]

Top Things that Scare Baby Boomers

There has been a lot of research done by various organizations, and it seems that these items tend to be what scare Baby Boomers about growing old:

1. Declining Memory – Research shows that Alzheimers and Dementia are on a dramatic rise, especially in Baby Boomers. Debate reigns as to whether this [Read More >>>]

Hottest Trends in Boomer Travel

The hottest trends in Boomer Travel include: 1. Ecotourism 2. Adventure 3. Medical Tourism 4. Multigenerational Travel 5. Bucket List 6. Passions

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