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Baby Boomer New Lives

Baby Boomer New Lives Baby Boomer new lives are become a growing trend.  Unlike our parents before us, Baby Boomers are not  content to sit around and get old.  As a group, we are actively  reinventing our lives, pursuing new goals,  and living life to the fullest.  Below is one example of Baby Boomer new lives.

Three years ago, my husband and I decided to downsize.  Our kids were grown and out of the nest.  We  began the process by going through all of our things and  getting rid of anything we  thought we didn’t  need.  (It is amazing to me how much “stuff” one accumulates in a lifetime!).  Once we did that, we  decided to put our  home of 28 years on the market.  There was a spurt  of real estate activity in our area,  and we thought we would test the waters.  To our surprise, we sold the  house in one week.  Since the buyer wanted occupancy within three weeks, we hadto  scramble to find a place to live and get moved out.  We opted for an  apartment in the area and made the move.  That was the beginning of our version of Baby Boomers new lives.

Baby Boomer New Lives

We found that apartment life suited us very well.  My husband had no yard work to do, cleaning was a breeze (compared to the house), and we felt like we were on a permanent vacation.  In the meantime, my son and his wife had moved to Colorado.  My youngest graduated from college and decided to join them in Colorado.  At this point, both our kids were in Colorado and we wondered what the heck we were still doing in Georgia.  Since we had already downsized, and lived in an apartment, I suggested to my husband that we move to Colorado also.  I was tired of living in Georgia and wanted to try someplace else to live.  My husband was reluctant to make the move initially, but he finally said yes.  Baby Boomer new lives here we come!Baby Boomers New Lives

We found a place to live not far from our kids, and got ready to make the move.  Amazingly enough, we found that we still had plenty of things we didn’t need anymore.  So we got rid of a ton of stuff that we should have let go of when we moved from the house.  We then made the move to Colorado.  It has been an incredible experience!  Besides being able to see our kids on a regular basis, we have loved exploring our new home.  The whole experience has left me feeling vital and alive!  I wake up every day thankful that we made the move. Just one example of baby boomer new lives.

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