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Baby Boomer Lifestyle - A Real Example

Baby Boomer Lifestyle

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I have a couple of friends who represent the new baby boomer  lifestyle  better than anyone I know.  They live their lives non-stop, enjoying family and friends, travelling the globe, and hanging out at the beach.  Their newest venture involves purchasing a catamaran and living on it part time.  I’d like you to meet Sharron and Penn.  Sharron is in her 60’s and Penn is in his 70’s.  How can they possibly do all these things?  I have known Sharron and Penn for some years, however, I wanted a closer glimpse into their lives and what motivated them, so we sat down for an interview over dinner.

Here’s a little background on these two baby boomers.  Sharron is a mom of three beautiful daughters and has three adorable grandchildren (with more on the way).  Her husband, Fred, died when the youngest girl was finishing high school and none were married, so she has been a single mom for many years.  Sharron met Penn 10 years ago, and they have been together ever since.  Penn is a man who has travelled the world over many times.  Travelling is a great passion and he used to live on his boat for many years, travelling the warm seas.  Penn has no children of his own but has embraced Sharron’s growing family.  Like many single baby boomers in their later years, however, Sharron and Penn found in each other, a partner that shared their zest for life.

Baby Boomer Lifestyle Tips from Penn and Sharron:

Our conversation was very enlightening.  First off, they admit that they are lucky enough to travel and do the things that they do and enjoy their baby boomer lifestyle .  However, it’s the purposeful choices they make behind their baby boomer lifestyle that I think are extremely important.  Here are just a few of the nuggets that really resonated:

  1. Penn is a big believer in keeping yourself healthy.  He has done yoga for over 40 years, and looks much younger than his age.  He had double knee replacement surgery, and was diligent in his recovery.  He recovered much faster than the norm, because he was already healthy and in shape.
  2. Family is very important to Sharron.  She consciously chose to move nearer her daughters, so that it was easier for all of them to get together as a family.  She knew how busy they were, and wanted to be part of her daughters’ lives and her grandchildren’s lives.  One of the things she said was key for me.  “Don’t think that because you, as a parent, settle somewhere wonderful, that your kids will have time to come and visit.  It doesn’t work that way”.

To sum up, both Penn and Sharron have a zest for life that radiates off of them.  They are living the new baby boomer lifestyle by being active, engaged and purposeful.  What is your baby boomer lifestyle?  We’d love to hear your story!

Chief Boomer Sue

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