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Amazing Boomer Adventure

Amazing Boomer Adventure is about two baby boomers who have chosen to embark on an incredible journey.   They sold their house in North Carolina, and have started a two year trip around the globe.    I met Linda and Joe when they were staying in Colorado for three months over the summer.  When I heard their amazing boomer adventure story, I knew it had to be shared with others.

Amazing Boomer Adventure

Joe & Linda

How the Amazing Boomer Adventure Began

Joe and Linda raised their two girls in Alabama and then moved to North Carolina (they now have four grandchildren).  The couple had talked often about what they would do once their kids were grown and on their own.  One of their biggest interests was to travel and see the world.  It came about that a number of things fell into place for them to be able to pursue their amazing boomer adventure.

  1. They decided to sell their North Carolina home of 18 years.  They had updated the home and the real estate market had improved markedly.  The couple knew their home was in the best shape it would ever be, so they put in on the market to see what would happen.
  2. Linda’s mom was ill, and she and Joe decided to rent a place near her.  This allowed Linda to be with her mom.
  3. Their house sold sooner than they expected, and then Linda’s mom passed on.  At that point, they realized it would be the perfect time to travel and pursue their amazing boomer adventure.

Putting the Amazing Boomer Adventure into Action

Linda and Joe decided to take two years and travel.  They put together a list of locations they wanted to visit and began to plan timelines, accommodations and mode of travel.  One of the first decisions they made was to spend several months in each location.  Since some locations were possible retirement spots, it enabled them to truly get a feel for the people and way of life in that particular region.  The second decision was to utilize Airbnb for places to stay in each location . (For more info see  They feel it is a cost effective way to travel, and usually cheaper than renting a hotel.  Linda and Joe gave away or sold everything in their home.  They loaded up their car, including bikes, and headed out on their amazing boomer adventure.

As I said, I met Joe and Linda in a walking group.  Their energy and zest for life are contagious!  They are extremely active and enjoy walking and biking.  As for the future, they envision themselves “settling down” (I love this idea) somewhere near their children and grandchildren.  Joe and Linda see flexible volunteering in their future.  For now, however, they are living their dream of travel and experiencing an amazing boomer adventure.

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