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About baby boomer

Who We Are:

Baby Boomer Family photoWe are a team from the baby boomer generation who also happen to be business people, fitness experts, physical therapists and doctors. We have struggled with the same issues that others of the baby boomer generation have: raising children, taking care of aging parents, “expiring at 50” in the business world, and learning to take the time to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Our Mission Statement: is dedicated to boomers helping those of the baby boomer generation become happier, healthier and live longer.

Baby boomer Generation - Mike Home GymHOW WE HELP:

Many of us have been in your shoes and know first-hand the difficulties those of the baby boomer generation face. Our team will offer practical advice in the areas of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. We want to help the baby boomer generation understand that they can improve their health and wellness simply by adopting a few changes in their existing lifestyle. No need for a gym unless you want one. No fancy diets. Easy to understand ways to improve is what we are all about.

Sign up to our website and you will receive practical, helpful updates to improve your particular baby boomer generation situation. In addition, you could be selected to have a personal consultation by our team of experts and be given a personalized wellness plan.Dogs - Gypsy - Harley

As the baby boomer generation approaches retirement age we have found that baby boomers have more time to spend exercising to keep in shape, more time to socialize with others of the baby boomer generation and more time to look after their health. We will soon be offering baby boomer products through our products page. Get the latest in health products and baby boomer clothing.

Every aspect of our website has been created through the talent of the baby boomer generation, including website design, videos and content. Wherever possible, we will continue to offer opportunities for baby boomers to pursue their passions.

BIO:  Sue Pinns

Ms. Pinns is a 25+ year veteran of the technology industry.  Her experience focused on sales, business development and alliances.   She retired several years ago to care for her Mom, who suffered from dementia.  Ms. Pinns saw firsthand the difficulties that both dementia patients and their caregivers experience.  She became very knowledgeable in identifying quality resources and facilities to assist in dementia care.  Due to some of Ms. Pinns own health issues, she became highly interested in health and wellness, especially for baby boomers like herself.  She opted to start a website ( that was dedicated to educating baby boomers to become happy, healthier and live longer.  Her strong advocacy has led her to be able to engage subject matter experts who can insure the information delivered on the website is up-to-date and factual.

Subject Matter Advisor Team:

Emily F. Clionsky, M.D.

Ms Clionsky is Co-founder of Clionsky Neuro Systems, Inc.  Dr. Clionsky treats cognitively impaired patients in this private medical practice. She is a co-developer of the Memory Orientation Screening Test, the MOST-96120 and the mdMOST. She is an industry consultant, and conducts independent and contract research for pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies.  Specialties: Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Internal Medicine, Board eligible.

Robert Gadlage, M.D., FACS

Dr. Gadlage is a surgeon who heads up his own Ear, Nose, and Throat practice.  He is an authority on sleep apnea and speaks at conferences around the country.  Dr. Gadlage’s practice is one of the top practices in performing sleep apnea related surgeries.

Kimberly Duckworth, Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer

Ms. Duckworth is both a physical therapist and certified personal trainer.  She has practiced physical therapy for over 15 years in Georgia.  Ms. Duckworth has worked in both a hospital environment and for specific physician practices.

Mike Pinns, Certified Personal Trainer

Mr. Pinns is a former physical education teacher and coach, who currently works for the largest school system in Georgia.  He is a lifelong exercise guru and a certified personal trainer.

What have you been up to? Have you done anything that surprises people who think you are too old to do that type of activity? We of the baby boomer generation are finding that our age is no limit as long as we keep exercising and eat right. Email us and let us know what you are up to.