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A Funny Thing Happened After My Son Got Married.......

baby boomer companion dogs - gypsy and harley baby boomer companions - my dogs - Gypsy and Harley sleeping
My son met the love of his life and got married within a very short span of time. Within months they had gotten engaged, and then married within weeks after that. It was certainly an exciting time for everyone! They had a wonderfully small and beautiful wedding on a lake and it was all just so very romantic! However, a few short days after the wedding, a glaring truth hit me. I was no longer the main woman in his life. After 28 years of being the main gal who had raised and loved him, he now had a new partner to share everything with. I was thrilled and sad at the same time. (All moms with married sons can relate to this.) It is very tough to let go.

So here is what happened exactly four days after the wedding. My husband came home from work to find me drinking wine and being sad. I said to him that I really wanted to go and rescue a dog from the shelter. Right now, in fact. Since I don’t usually drink at four in the afternoon on a weekday, he knew I was serious. So that day, we went to the Human Society looking for a new pet. I was looking for an older dog to give a home to, but we couldn’t seem to find one we clicked with. Right before we left, we took a stroll through the puppy section. BIG MISTAKE. We immediately found two adorable puppies that were sisters from the same litter. They were very tiny (part chihushus and part daschund) and wanted nothing to do with anyone. We picked them up and they just melted our hearts. We decided to take them both, as we did not feel that we could separate them. The Humane Society lady gave us a big lecture about the fact that they should be adopted separately so they could each “develop their own personality”. We said we will take them both or none. She relented, as we had many years experience handling multiple dogs. It was absolutely the right decision. These two pups have given us so much joy already. They love each other and us so much that it brings tears to my eyes. They could never have been separated. I am loving taking them for walks, having them sleep with us on occasion and just watching how much they enjoy each other. So, without further ado, please meet Gypsy and Harley, who are now the official mascots of

Chief Boomer Sue

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